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Equinomics 101 College Edition Table of Contents
Equinomics 101: Horse Business, Finance, Accounting, and Tax Law Software.
With Equinomics 101, you get an easy-to-read book and simple-to-set-up software. You can use Equinomics 101 for things as simple as: a simple record and book keeping system, a check register system, or even an easy-to-use contact management system.

Section l: Introduction to Horse and Ranch Accounting

Chapter 1
Basic Accounting for the Horse Business
Chapter 2
What is Accounting?
Chapter 3
Basic Business Accounting Concepts
Chapter 4
Financial Statement Terms
Chapter 5
Depreciation and Accumulated Depreciation
Chapter 6
Liabilities and Net Worth
Chapter 7
Statement of Income
Chapter 8
What is the Structure of my Horse Business
Chapter 9
A Simple Filing System

Section ll: Principles and Issues of Horse and Ranch Financial Management

Chapter 10
Barter and Like-Kind Exchange
Chapter 11
Deducting Equine Travel Expenses
Chapter 12
Compensation of Farm Employees
Chapter 13
Insurance and the Horse Business
Chapter 14
Collection Problems
Chapter 15
Budgeting and Cash Management
Chapter 16
Investment Analysis
Chapter 17
Evaluating an Equine Investment
Chapter 18
Bloodstock Agents
Chapter 19
Horses: Business vs. Hobby
Chapter 20
Materially Active

Section lll: Case Study, Night Moves Farm


Equinomics 101 Chart of Accounts (My Company)
Night Moves Farm:
Chart of Accounts
Night Moves Farm:
Vendor/Customer Card Files
Night Moves Farm:
Balance Sheet
Night Moves Farm:
Profit and Loss Statement
Index of Terms, Charts and Samples
Notes Pages

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