Equinomics 101: an Equine Business, Finance, Accounting, & Tax Law PrimerCollege EditionEnjoy the Benefits of Equinomics 101's Equine Business Financial Management Secrets.Richard B. Dicks: Certified Public Accountant, and the Designer of Equinomics 101.Equine Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Tax Preparation Basics.Meet the Business Challenges of the Horse Industry Head On.Contact Equinomics 101.Order Equinomics 101.
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Equinomics 101 Audio Book
Equinomics 101 College Edition
Sample Contract Forms Package
Stand-alone EQ 101 Book and Case-Study

Equinomics 101 Audio Book
Read by Terry Rose, the 6 CD Audio Book is informative and easy to listen to and quite enjoyable. The listener will come away with many valuable ideas that can immediately be used in their equine operation.

Equinomics 101 College Edition
Equinomics 101 Book plus optional Student Module including Power Point Presentations, Lecture Outlines and Discussion Questions.

Sample Contract Form Package
Includes 15 sample horse and ranch legal contracts specific to the horse industry in electronic format.

Stand-alone EQ 101 Book and Case-Study
Includes Sample Contract Forms Package

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