Equinomics 101: an Equine Business, Finance, Accounting, & Tax Law PrimerCollege EditionEnjoy the Benefits of Equinomics 101's Equine Business Financial Management Secrets.Richard B. Dicks: Certified Public Accountant, and the Designer of Equinomics 101.Equine Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Tax Preparation Basics.Meet the Business Challenges of the Horse Industry Head On.Contact Equinomics 101.Order Equinomics 101.
Go ahead. Take advantage of Richard B. Dicks' expertise that makes equine financial, investment and tax issues simple.
Everyone in the equestrian industry can benefit from Equinomics 101—and Richard B. Dicks wouldn't have it any other way.

Richard B. Dicks, designer of Equinomics 101 and Certified Public Accountant.
Richard B. Dicks, C.P.A. and Designer of Equinomics 101

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Richard B. Dicks really understands the horse business. He's a horseman. He's a CPA. Richard designed Equinomics 101 to keep your equine business accounting efficient—and understandable.

Richard's career is advising and lecturing on equine business, investment, and tax issues. Horse lovers throughout the United States and Europe benefit from Richard's down-to-earth approach that simplifies equine bookkeeping. You'll discover why as you encounter his common sense advice and encouragement in Equinomics 101, just as one of his old friends in agribusiness says:
I have known Richard Dicks all my life. We share a love for solid business practices and horses. Richard is bright, thorough, and always professional. So is Equinomics 101. This text is an excellent example of niche, small business information…practical, complete, and readable. The writing style is relaxed, yet extremely focused and inclusive to all areas of the horse industry.  I feel Equinomics 101 is a "must read" for all involved in the equestrian industry, whether as an entrepreneur, an academic, or a student of agribusiness.

-- Dr. Joe A. Cox, Professor of Management, Hankamer School of Business, Baylor University
Richard Dicks is clearly a user-friendly communicator. He's also represented horse industry clients from many breeds in tax audits and related matters throughout the United States, and has acted as an expert witness for federal tax court cases. A 1969 graduate of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma with a B.S. in Accounting, Richard brings a lifetime commitment to the horse business and to agribusiness in general. He's also committed to your success.

Find out what makes Equinomics 101 a favorite for both non-accountants and accountants in the equine industry.

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