Equinomics 101: an Equine Business, Finance, Accounting, & Tax Law PrimerCollege EditionEnjoy the Benefits of Equinomics 101's Equine Business Financial Management Secrets.Richard B. Dicks: Certified Public Accountant, and the Designer of Equinomics 101.Equine Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Tax Preparation Basics.Meet the Business Challenges of the Horse Industry Head On.Contact Equinomics 101.Order Equinomics 101.
Spend more time with your horses and less time on paperwork. Get the financial management benefits of Equinomics 101 for your equine business.
Whether you have one horse for pleasure or are in the equine business, one thing stays the same: you have to keep records.

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Get Equinomics 101, and it's like getting a friend to walk you through equine accounting and bookkeeping issues. You get the benefit of Richard B. Dicks' decades of equine financial expertise. You get a book on horse and ranch financial management using real-life examples brought to you through pop-up tutorials. The case study and tutorial make these issues easy to understand and will help you apply what you have learned to your particular needs.

You want more time with your horses and less time with paperwork, right? That's why Equinomics 101 gives you a system designed for horse owners to simplify their unique equine business needs.
  • The business software expertise of QuickBooks, recognized worldwide for excellence in user-friendly, efficient business software, in its exclusive Equinomics 101 versions of Pro, Premiere, and Enterprise by QuickBooks.
  • Sample form and sample contract templates for a wide variety of accounting and contract applications.
  • Case study and tutorial that is fun and easy to understand.
  • How to do a six week rolling cash work sheet, a simple strategy Equinomics 101 author Richard B. Dicks uses to get companies out of cash flow problems.
  • Online registration for easy access to technical support, software upgrades, and information updates.
It's this simple: More time with the Equinomics 101 system means less time for you buried in paperwork that your CPA requires at tax time.

And here's an added bonus. Your Equinomics 101 package also gives you access to leading-edge industry information through our online monthly Equinomics 101 Newsletter and The EQ 101 Paddock Club. Topics regularly address:
  • The latest in horse industry accounting,
  • How-tos for successful equine marketing,
  • Tax law updates relevant to equine business,
  • Where to find answers and assistance for the horse, ranch and farm business sector,
and much more.

Ready for the best financial management package for your horse business today? Order Equinomics 101 now!

Meet equine businessman and Equinomics 101 author Richard B. Dicks.

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