Equinomics 101: an Equine Business, Finance, Accounting, & Tax Law PrimerCollege EditionEnjoy the Benefits of Equinomics 101's Equine Business Financial Management Secrets.Richard B. Dicks: Certified Public Accountant, and the Designer of Equinomics 101.Equine Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Tax Preparation Basics.Meet the Business Challenges of the Horse Industry Head On.Contact Equinomics 101.Order Equinomics 101.
Equinomics 101 College Edition
Get the inside line on horse and ranch accounting.

Equinomics 101 College Edition

You're horse savvy. But if you don't have an inside line on how to manage the financial side of your horse operation, you're not getting the most out of your horse business:

  • How should you handle barter and like-kind exchange?
  • What about travel expenses if you don't end up buying the horse you thought you wanted at that auction in the next state?
  • How should you compensate farm or ranch employees?
  • What's the real difference to the IRS between a “business loss” and a “hobby loss”?

Now you can reconcile your emotional and financial investment in horses with accounting that makes sense. Get the breaks you deserve, and still enjoy the business you love, with Equinomics 101.

Here’s What the Equinomics 101
College Edition Offers:

  • Case studies and tutorials that are fun and easy to understand.
  • 20-chapter study course covering everything from Barter and Like-Kind Exchange to Horses: Business versus Hobby.
  • How to do a six week rolling cash work sheet, a simple strategy Equinomics 101 author Richard B. Dicks uses to get companies out of cash flow problems.

Equinomics 101 College Edition

  • Equinomics 101 is available in hard-copy or e-book format

You get the ground-level, practical “how-tos” of essential financial management and accounting for horse businesses, including:

  • Basic record keeping
  • Cash management
  • Preparation of horse business tax information for your CPA
  • Documenting transactions for potential tax audits
  • Visual, automated help guides
  • Customized chart of accounts
  • Case studies from the equine industry
  • And much more accounting horsepower

Equinomics 101 is an equine accounting package designed to make accounting/bookkeeping for the horse business easier with College-level instructional guides, exercises and tests.

  • Case-study and tutorial that are fun and easy to understand

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College Edition Table of Contents

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